We will talk a lot about Affiliate marketing so we thought it would be good to explain what affiliate marketing is and how to get started as an affiliate. Affiliate marketing is what is sounds like, you work as an affiliate to a company and are marketing that company to your audience and visitors. This is more common than you might think, a lot of influencers and sites is working as affiliates already. Price Comparison websites is made out of affiliates, they provide a good tool for users to get paid and they are awarded with a commission if you go through their link and then buy the product.

The markets and niches you can work within affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is available for all kind of niches and markets. Since it is a performance-based market you can apply it to everything. Everything that could earn someone money could open up for affiliates to register and start promoting the product or service that is offered. To mention a few ways of working as an affiliate you could:

  • Sell ebooks regarding everything, travel guides, marketing tips, programming tips and more.
  • Sell services like licenses to different apps like Amazon Prime, Spotify, statistics tools and likewise.
  • Sell regular products from stores the biggest example is Amazon but you could always find local stores and such.

Different types of commission in affiliate marketing

There are three different commissions that affiliates could get. The first and biggest one is the revenue share or others call it the pay per sale (PPS), over 80% of the affiliate networks offer this commission. Me personally likes this type the most since often the best paying one. Then we have the second cost per action, you get paid a certain amount of money by a action. It could be a register to a newsletter, a sale, a sign-up on a page and more. This is used by 19% of the affiliates and is growing a bit over the last years. The last one is cost per mille (CPM) and this is cost per estimated 1000 views.

Why the companies choose affiliate marketing

For companies this is both a good and a bad way of doing marketing. It all depends on what you are looking to achieve though, I have seen companies both succeeded and failed with this. Affiliate marketing could sometimes be more expensive then it seems, you need to take everything in account to make sure you never spend more than you are awarded by the affiliates.

Examples of different affiliate pages

As mentioned before there are a lot of different affiliate websites out there but here we will show some different pages and explain shortly on how they use affiliate marketing.

Bigwintheory.com – casino affiliate website

Bigwintheory.com is a casino affiliate website where they provide with reviews of casinos and slots along with casino news. The way they convert their visitors into revenue is by having affiliate links to the casinos and are rewarded with a revenue share of the players revenue.
Visit site: https://bigwintheory.com

Thewirecutter.com – a large tech and some other review site

Thewirecutter is an example of perfection, the site is owned by New York Times and they are doing detailed reviews of different products and are then adding up links to the product and are then awarded with a commission for the sales. The typical pay per sale model.
Visit site: https://thewirecutter.com

Pricerunner.com – price comparison tool

The price comparison pages have been revolutionizing the internet over the last year and guess what, the idea come from some smart affiliate marketers. They asked themselves how to make people go through their site instead of right to the webstore so they created a price comparison tool.
Visit site: https://pricerunner.com

Guides to find good affiliate programs

We have reviewed quite a lot of different affiliate programs and have categorized them into different groups where we think they should fit. You have the best programs if you are a gaming influencer in the Twitch affiliate programs list, womens fashion influencer or even a programming influencer. Below you find our best affiliate programs so just pick and choose.

Good affiliate programs for Twitch Streamers