Dissenter is a browser extension with the purpose of keeping discussions and comments open for everyone. We have seen over the last couple of years how larger social media’s such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube is turning more and more to censoring their users. Gab.com saw a open spot on the market and decided to create Dissenter for people to use instead of the built in comment-sections the websites has. The first week of it’s launch we saw that it was a well needed thing, we saw thousands of people download it right away. Gab is posting some stats of dissenter on Twitter and we can see that it is over 80,000 users and the extension is not even 2 months old.

Image is taken from Gab.com’s Twitter. Source:  @getongab

Get started with Dissenter.com

Now lets get into the important things, how to get it all up and running and how to use it. Dissenter has made it simple for you to get started, first you have to download the plugin. If you go to https://dissenter.com/download you will be able to choose the browser you are using and download the extension. To be able to comment in the extension it is required to have a Gab.com account. Sign-up for gab.com here. The account will be used to comment on various sites, the beauty of this is you are never tracked. Gab.com is all for privacy on the web and do not save any data or censor people due to certain opinions. It’s goal is to make internet a more open and free place for everyone so jump on the train and start use Dissenter!