Social Media guides is something that everyone needs since there are a lot of different platforms to keep track of and they are very frequently changing. So on Socialnewsify we decided to put together a section where we could share our knowledge, we are always looking to improve our guides so if you are missing some or just have something that you want to share feel free to contact us.

Youtube and Twitch guides mainly

We are currently focusing mainly on Youtube and Twitch but we also added up instagram and snapchat here with a few articles to help you out. We are trying to cover as much as possible but focus most on two parts. The first one and the main one is how to keep your channels growing and if you are new we have some great getting started guides. The other one is how to monetize the audience you have, how to start earning money or simply how to expand into making more money out of your influence. Regarding the second part we are always trying to promote natural stuff that will fits best for each market.