Ice Poseidon recently showed some of the earnings he made in 2018 from live streaming. We will break it all down for you and you will also find the videos that he shows us the earnings. Something to mention though is that he is also making money from the ad revenue of the youtube videos. The CX network should also generate some revenue I would guess, could not give any more information on that today though. All the revenue is not profits though, he spends a lot of money into the company again. The taxes in California is also very high, he says around 40% so you can just figure how much money that is lost in the process.

Money from donations, super chat, and subscribers

For just a couple of days ago Ice Poseidon showed his earnings over some months and then decided to show the 2018 yearly earnings. He has gotten $216,000 in just donation revenue, then he had 84,301 subscribers that is about 3 dollars each. Youtube also offers a thing called Super Chat and that revenue is above $96,000 for him. We are talking of pretty much money that he gotten over the year. Personally, I think it is well-deserved money and he has provided very great content over the year. It has not been an easy year and I am surprised that he did not earn more, to be honest. Let’s talk some about the ads revenue he could have made and if there is some more sources to mention.

Youtube ad revenue for Ice Poseidon

The youtube ad revenue is something that has been like a roller coaster this year. 2018 has been the year of adpocalypse on youtube as many would have called it. With that knowledge, it is very hard to accurately guess how much money someone made out of ads. In the video above he did show how much he earned from the videos when he was in trouble in zurich. It had 820,000 views and he had made almost $800 in ads of that video. He has a yearly projection of 55 million views over the year if he mad half the money on every million views he made around $22,000 in ads. Not bad that either, but still he has a lot of expenses to cover and employees to pay.