Ice Poseidon the famous american live streamer that shares he life on youtube. He does things that has never been done before and with it comes consequences. For about a week ago he went to visit Europe and Zürich and do a 3 days documentary of his life. It was live for 72 hours even when he was asleep but it was not a smooth ride, it started to get messy pretty fast. So let’s take it from the beginning to tell the full story.

Paul as he is named was about to do a pretty unique thing. He travelled to Switzerland and in particular Zürich and started it on the airport right away when he was picking up the car that he would use. He was sharing his position all the time so the viewers could track him and was announcing new things as the stream went on. This position sharing turned out to be a problem and also the laws in Switzerland says that you are not allowed to film without permission. That was the biggest issue as he was doing a 72 hours live stream that films all the time.

It did not take long until he got to the first hotel Central where he checked in and when he went to sleep for the first night it started to knock on the door and the hotel receptionist or some other staff told him that he needs to leave the hotel. They were getting calls and other things that made it hard for them to keep him. Something to keep in mind though, it is not Pauls fault the viewers is acting the way they do. Anyways, after just an hour or so they knocked on the door again. This time it was 5 police mens telling him to leave. He followed the order and took of to another hotel.

Here the crazy part starts, the orders came in and everything was a mess. He had problems with the key to open the door into the hotel room. First time it took awhile but he got in and it went fine but the second time it gets worse. People had started ordering food and stuff in fake names without paying, choosing payment at door. The bills was up to 400 euros and all the delivery guys started to get angry and it just kept on coming new guys. Ice Poseidon was running away hiding and waiting out them all and then sneak in to get his stuff. It did not go to well and he left his bag there and just ran. He got told the police was issuing him for serious crime for filming.

It is a hard life to live when peoples constantly keep trolling the streamers. We need to put the blame on the kids and adults that is doing this stuff. Pauls career is on the line and you are just laughing it all away, it is serious crime and needs to be talked about more.