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Pewdiepie history

PewDiePie has been around on Youtube since 2010 and has been ranked as the top youtuber since July 2012. He has been the biggest youtuber since then, but now as of September 2018 it is a channel that looks to go past pewdiepie in subscribers and that is the T-Series channel. He will still be the biggest personal channel though since T-Series is more of a community channel then a channel that is owned by one person. In the first years everything went really great but then some less good things happened.

Felix as his real name is was accused for making controversial videos and lost pretty much all he’s partnerships, the MCN contract and the youtube red series. To be fair some stuff he did was bad but mostly this was a mass attack by traditional media that took a lot of thing out of context and this made Felix loose track. He then did some things that the media pushed the companies that worked with Felix to either tell that they sympathise with the videos or quit the partnership, and they chose the last.

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