Twitch is one of the reason gaming and esport is a big thing today. The livestreaming format has changed the whole scene, it has grown gaming to something commercial where a lot of people been able to game for a living. Today there are way above 2,000 streamers that does it for a living and we will tell you some great facts about Twitch.

The list with Interesting Facts about Twitch

  • Headquarter in San Fransisco, CA
  • Eleauge CS:GO first stream to beat 1,000,000 concurrent viewers as of the 29 January 2017.
  • Twitch is owned by Amazon since August 2014
  • It was bought for $970 million
  • Twitch was launched June 2011
  • 140 million unique viewers monthly as of august 2018
  • 2.2 million monthly broadcasters as of august 2018
  • 27,000 partners in Twitch community
  • 95 minutes is watched on average daily by users
  • There are over 160 million clips on Twitch
  • 34.5 million hours was broadcasted on Twitch 2017
  • Ever since it launched 2011 it has been growing each year
Something that is doing Twitch to such a great community is all the viewers and how the streamers can interact with them. We have seen some great history been made over the years on Twitch many million dollars has been raised for charity. Hopefully we could make this list very long with great milestones of Twitch!

We update this list with new information as soon as we get some. This list was last updated 24/9-18. If we have missed something feel free to contact us and let us know what you think should be added!