MrBeast has recently posted a new video on his channel when he scratches a lot of lottery tickets. In total they are worth 50.000$ which is very much money, so does he win or lose? Let’s find out.

MrBeast has made a similar video to this one where he bought tickets for 30.000$ and he lost very much on that. He did get around 20.000$ back from the last video, we hope for better luck this time. He bought two different types, one type for 20$ and the other for 30$ so it takes a while to scratch all of these. So let’s watch the video below and we will conclude it after.

It was an exciting video, right? King MrBeast always delivers good and entertaining content, personal I would say he had a heart of gold! He spends very much money on other peoples and has changed many people’s lives. In this video he lost 17.000$ and that is a huge amount of money as you understand. Luckily the videos he makes is very often sponsored by companies and uses that money for content. Drop him a subscription if you like the type of content.

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