PewDiePie diss track to T-Series released

PewDiePie has been the biggest youtuber for very long now, we have written about PewDiePie and T-Series before. For some time ago a channel called T-Series grew up and has is looking to take the first place. As of the today the 6th October PewDiePie has released a diss track but I would say its just for fun. Pewds have been kept going after the trends but he always makes fun of it in the videos. I liked the song and it will definitely go viral. I think we could see it in the top #1 place in some countries. Find out more about PewDiePie over here and check below for the diss track.

About T-Series

T-Series has a growth of over 130,000 subscribers a day, the account is in the music industry and is targeting the market in India. They have the most video views over the whole platform and is soon the biggest in subscribers also. The market in India is very strong and will grow a lot over many platforms. You can find their channel over at

Links to the diss track