PewDiePie has done what everyone wanted, a remix of the Bitch Lasagna diss track by PewDiePie. It is not a completely new song or even a new video. He has added some great additions to the video and made the song more mainstream you maybe could say. It is fun to see that PewDiePie has succeeded so well the last days, you might have heard of the T Series vs PewDiePie war that has been going on.

The original song from PewDiePie was a diss track to T Series but you should not take it to serious since it is mostly a joke. The last couple of days PewDiePie has made a huge jump in the subscribers and reached 75 million subscribers. He has had massive support from the youtube community in general and we hope to see him keep the first place as long as possible. We will keep you update on the campaign that PewDiePie has on going.