PewDiePie is as of today the biggest youtuber and has been around from the start. We have collected as much statistics from his youtube channel as we could to present for you. He has the title of the biggest youtuber and has been that for almost 5 years. Lately, we have seen the new channel called T Series rise quickly and it has been back and forth since December 2018. With help from other YouTubers, a diss track and also a version 1.2 of the diss-track has made him keep the top place of youtube subscribers. It looks like he is losing the fight but only time will tell. He may have lost the place when you are reading this post.

Facts from the early years of PewDiePie

Some interesting facts regarding PewDiePie will now be presented, we will reference the sources at the end of the article. The channel of Felix Kjellberg’s channel called PewDiePie was created April 29th, 2010. The main focus of the channel for a very long time was gaming, that is what made him famous on the platform. He was born in 1989 in a city called Götborg south in Sweden. By August 20th, 2013 he has been the biggest channel on the platform with about 12 million subscribers, which is now threatened by a channel called T-Series.

Now that you know some background story about him lets get into some of the better facts. He has achieved things that people only imagine. In just 9 years he has become a worldwide person that is reaching millions of people every day.