Recently history was made, PewDiePie is the first youtuber to reach 70 million subscribers. This is a huge milestone and it is an even bigger success for Felix since T series is looking to take 1st place. We have written some stuff about the competition and reviewed pewdiepies diss track to T Series. Pewdiepie would not have reached here if it wasn’t for the big support he have received from other influencers. MrBeast is one of the key person to have taken Felix here, he bought ads in a whole city for Felix. The viewers should also be mentioned in the fight of the first place on youtube. The comments and support have been very positive and you can see that the users really want PewDiePie to keep the throne of Youtube.

Some comments from PewDiePies fans
“Even if t series beat u in subs they still wont beat u at being top youtube channel”

“Bro why u competition T-series u are best and T-series is companies ur individuals 1 YouTuber and all time ur best”

“It doesn’t even matter if they pass u cause there a company your a YouTuber you’ll always be number 1 if they pass u out”

PewDiePie versus T Series

The big competition continues but it seems like T Series is stronger than pewdiepie and are growing with a couple of thousand more each day. This competition is not something official it is more a thing that PewDiePie’s fans do for fun. It has been very good for pewdiepie since he has made millions of subscribers due to all the hype. The throne of youtube is nothing that other then the pride for being the biggest. You do not earn anything extra or get treated differently, it is just a very prestigeful thing to be.