Earlier this week we have seen some pretty huge news regarding snapchat. The snapchat team have had a huge success across the users and people love the snapchat application, but along with the success they have been struggling to turn the application into a profitable business. This is something that affects the application directly since if they can’t make it profitable the application will either get in the hands of a larger corporation such as Google or Facebooks big networks – otherwise they will get after on the market and the application will die out.

So what does this means to Snapchat?

This will give snapchat a way to monetize the application in a good way and the users will get a great use of it also. You will be able to tag different parts of the picture with products from amazon and then if someone buys the tagged items Snapchat will get some type of revenue. They will also build an AI to recognize the items in the picture to link up the amazon products.

You will be prompted to Amazon right away

Snapchat will not build in the whole shop system they will only link the products right into the shop page. This will allow users to shop the item right of Amazon’s marketplace. With over 560 million products Amazon pretty much has everything. This will be very fun to follow and see how everything turns out. We route for them to succed!