Today we are going to list the five top viewed Twitch clips as of today. The clip function was invented for some years ago but has been around from third-party longer. Back in the days you made oddshots of the video and that is still around. Twitch Clips is the one we would recommend use today since it is a stable feature. The one thing we like with oddshots better is that they do not remove clips that are against the guidelines. Usually the guidelines is great but sometimes you want to keep a clip even if it is against guidelines. Enough of the talk now, let’s jump into the lets right away.

1. DrDisRespects house get shot live on Twitch

This is a very sad story and got viral on the news. For just a couple of months ago he was targeted by a gun shooting. His family was home by the time the house was shot. Below you will hear when it all happens. If you want to get more information about it check this out.

2. JurassicJunkieLive get scared by his daughter

JurassicJunkie is playing some Outlast 2 and is really into the game when his daughter walks in. She is trying to catch his attention but instead, she accidentally scares him. The reaction from him is very funny but also great to see!

3. ReapzUK playing VR and laughs at his friend

ReapzUK is streaming some Virtual Reality game with some mates and they are just having some fun.

4. Washingtonpost investigates Mark Zuckerberg

This is a clip that comes from Washington Post and is including Mark Zuckerberg.

5. TSM_Myth and Ninja solving myth’s food issues