The 2 July 2020 the gaming community and the world got a very sad message, the World of Warcraft legend Reckful has committed suicide. The incident took place in the morning US time and the news got out just a couple hours later. Reckful had an extraordinary career filled with many great successes, despite this he’s head was not in a good place mentally. We have learned over the past days that he was in a very bad place over many years and that it was not a complete shock for the people that knew him. The long time viewers were also well aware of he’s mental health issues and he was very open with that. It is heartbreaking that it turned out this way and hopefully we could learn and grow from tragedies like this.

The story of Reckful from his friend

Since the passing of Byron, we have seen many of his friends and others come out to talk about the situation. We will include some tweets and other sources of information that could help you get an insight into what lead to this. Byron had been struggling for a very long time and in the end, he was very excited to release the game Everland but still was in a bad mindset. One of he’s ex-girlfriends shared her thoughts on what could have lead up to it all and it seems like Everland was doing badly financially (source).

However, it is clear that if he had been treated with the correct treatment things could have been different. The main part that was broken in the end was the Mental hospitals. If they have been treating Byron with the correct treatment things could have been different. It is heartbreaking reading the thoughts from Blue regarding the mental institutions in the USA. People should unite and try to find better ways to help each other since we can not trust the authorities to help us. Below you will find a one hour video that was recorded after the passing of Byron. It could help if you are struggling yourself.