Twitch is the largest live streaming platform as of 2018 and is looking to keep this place for a long time going further. The platform itself offers a very great and stable place to stream your content but instead of keeping all the development in house they decided to launch a very wide API (application programming interface). Basically it allows third-part developers to make their own application based of Twitch functions and data. The API has been used very frequently since it was released and we have seen people do crazy stuff with it. Everything from chatbots, influencer marketplaces and games to statistical tools, custom browsing websites and more.

Twitch Guides for everyone

Below we present all of Socialnewsify’s Twitch guides. We are adding new guides frequently so make sure to check back here from time to time so you never miss out on the latest and greatest guides on how to be a successful Twitch streamer.

Twitch monetization guides by Socialnewsify

The second most common thing that twitch streamer struggles with besides getting their viewership up is to monetize their channels. You do not need 100 concurrent viewers to start monetizing your channel, I’ve seen streamers that works full time with around 50-60 viewers and they are just doing the same things as a hobby streamers does besides the marketing part. Something to mention though is not all streamers want to do this full time, they just enjoy the streaming part and want to keep entertaining just for fun. Our guides is just helping peoples out with their struggles and we support all type of streamers.

Chatbots for Twitch streamers

We have a well written guide of which chatbot you should use if you are about to get started with streaming or just looking for the best options. There are very many different chatbots on the market and they all are pretty much doing the same, so which one to use? We always recommend to aim for the most known ones when it’s driven by third party companies, the biggest reason for that is the risk of it to shut down is low. If you start using a bot and then the developers stop develop you will get a broken bot in just a couple of months and that is not good. The more known one has a better chance in surviving this mess. Read our full chatbot guide here.