When you start streaming it is always good to moderate the chat from bad links and also to maintain the chat clear from bad words. There are a lot of different chatbots that you can choose between but here we will list our top 5 chatbots. Some of the more complex bots have a lot of functions built into it such as loyalty program, different commands that make sure the users could get as good information about the things you want to show them. In the beginning you will not have that many users that will write in the chat so if you don’t want to start with a chatbot that is fine.

The 5 different chatbots we will talk about today is Nightbot, Moobot, Streamlabs, PhantomBot and StreamElements. As mentioned before this is the ones we recommend but there is a lot more chatbots out there. The bots is different from each other and we have tried to pick bots that has some unique features.


Nightbot is one of the first chatbots that came out to twitch and has been the biggest ever since. It is very simple to set up for new users and comes with a great set of functions. The development of nightbot is still on-going and you will most likely like the simplicity about it. Nightbot is a cloud hosted bot which means that you do not have to download anything you will just have to set up the bot once and then you have a dashboard where you control everything.

It has a spam filter where they collect data from all of the chats to find out about different type of spams to be ahead of the spammers. You can also setup custom commands so you can focus on streaming instead of posting information in the chat yourself. Some other features that they offer is song requests, giveaways and interval timed messages that you can use to broadcast different type of information such as social media account and websites.

Website: https://www.nightbot.tv


StreamElements has just been around for a couple of years but have achieved a very big big success since they have provided such a good product. The company is always updating the bot with new features and improvements, they will soon be the biggest chatbot provider for Twitch streamers. They have all the basic features that nighbot and moobot have, but there is a lot more.

Their loyalty program that they have built is what makes StreamElements the best chatbot out there. If you choose to use the loyalty feature you will be awarding your viewers points in return of watching your stream, you can also have raffles and such to make people to follow you and it’s a very engaging feature. Your viewers will be able to see a leaderboard of the points, be able to gamble, enter raffles and also you can have a shop. The shop is a place where you put up offers for a certain amount of points and viewers will be able to buy this.

Website: https://streamelements.com


Moobot is also one of the first chatbots that was released during the early days of twitch and it is also very similar to Nightbot. With a easy step to step guide on how to get moobot into your chat and also a very handy dashboard to control all your settings. Poll system is also included that can be used for a lot of different things. You can engage you chat pretty well with the poll function which has been a very good thing for streamers over the year.

Website: http://twitch.moobot.tv