Now as we go into October we will take a look back at the statistics of September 2018 on the platform Twitch. Twitch is growing very good but are also very dependent on different events if you look at the viewer count overall. In September we had the great major brought by Faceit Leauge. I am sure that it will reflect some in which game that peaked the highest viewer count and had the most hours watched. The biggest game is still fortnite but they have lost some viewers but it might been the major also.

Some random statistics about Twitch in September 2018

1. Ninja is still the most followed person on Twitch
Ninja has been shining on the statistics with his 11,5 million followers he is the biggest.

2. There was a total of 815 million hours watched on Twitch by the 1 September to the last.
This is a lower number then it was August 2018, then it was 854 million hours watched. But it is still the second best month in the Twitch history.

3. The average stream had 34 viewers in September
This could be compared to 57 in August, this metric does only say that there are a better spread on the viewers. But could also be that it was a lower amount of monthly broadcasters in August.

4. The most watched game was Fortnite and it was watched over 106 million hours.
The second most watched game in September was League of Legends by 76 millions hours and then the third most watched game is Counter Strike: Global Offensive with 70 million hours. The counter strike major was in September and that could reflect why they are on the third place.

5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 had the third highest peak of viewers in September with 586,000 viewers
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a new game that was just launched some weeks ago and had made a huge success on the Twitch scene with the new game. Overall the stats are low for Call of Duty but the peak of the high viewer count is due to the release of the game.

6. Fortnite had a peak of 20,180 active channel at once.
Fortnite was the game with the most active channels at once and that is by far, the second game that had the most active channels is Destiny 2 with a total of 8,097 channels online. The third game in the list is World of Warcraft with 6,322 channels online at once.

7. Fortnite and Dota 2 has lost the most watched hours in September 2018
In September Dota 2 lost a lot of watched hours, this could also be due to the Major they had in Dota 2 which I think was in August. The amount of hours they lost is over 39 million hours since August and Fornite has lost about 20 million of watched hours.

8. Counter-Strike and Destiny 2 is the winners this month.
As mentioned before September was a month that had the Faceit major and that is also why Counterstrike is a winner this month with an increase of 49 million hours watched. Destiny 2 had an incredible number of almost 14 million hours increase which is over 28% more then in August.

9. The 4 most watched channels in September on Twitch
The four most watched channels in September is FaceitTV (33,3 million hours), Ninja (16,6 million hours), Riot Games (9 million hours) and Shroud (8,5 million hours).