MrBeast created the youtube channel in February of 2012. When he got started he mainly focused on Minecraft videos and other gaming. The mission was alaways to become a youtuber, that mission is reached now and way beyond that. Casey Neistat another youtube star did a interview with Jimmy as hes real name is, if you have not watched it I suggest you do. In that interview he gives a good insight in how the money is earned and how he got there. They talk about a wide spread of topics but a good amount of it is about money. You will find the video in the end of this post.

Sources of income for MrBeasts giveaways

For the people that have followed MrBeast for a while now know that it has not always been easy. It started as told in 2012 with gaming videos, it was a struggle for Jimmy to gain subscribers. He then got a sponsor deal and decided to give away all the money from that deal. That decision was a good one, since then he has gained great sponsor deals to be able to continue with those videos. Mainly the money that is handed away is from various deals with brands, some of it also comes from Jimmy’s pocket. In 2019 we have also seen a huge push for the Mr Beast merchandise so I would assume that money made from that is also used. On top of this the videos always goes viral so the ads made from each video should be a good amount.

Today Mr Beast is not alone to run the channel, it has grown into a full scale corporation. Basically the money that is handed away should have been spent on advertising instead. Jimmy has found a very great way of going viral and still spread good vibes.

Casey Neistats interview with MrBeast